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Pafolios Digest #02 — Attiq R, Ayaneshu and 24 new portfolios on Feb

Treat your case study like a short story, not a novel


I’m Trong, and this is the Pafolios.com newsletter, where I share recently featured portfolios on Pafolios, resources for building portfolios, career advice, and more.

This month’s issue covers a few things:

  • Portfolios of the weeks
  • Recently featured portfolios
  • A new portfolio theme
  • Portfolio advice: Shorten your case study

Best portfolios of the month

1 — Attiq R. — UX & Product Designer

2 — Florian — UX & Product Designer, Creative Developer

3 — Ayaneshu Bhardwaj — UX & Product Designer

4 — Augustin Hiebel — UX & Product Designer

Honorable mentions

5 — Shaurya Narang — UX & Product Designer

6 — Evgeny Mishin — UX & Product Designer

7 — Mammad Emin Muzaffarli — UX & Product Designer

Other new portfolios

8 — TRIONN — Design Agency

9 — Jay Park — UX & Product Designer

10 — Den Talalá — UX & Product Designer

11 — Atanas Mahon — UX & Product Designer

12 — Tatenda. C. Chinyamakobvu — Creative Developer, UX & Product Designer

13 — Vitali Zahharov — UX & Product Designer

14 — Simon McCade — UX & Product Designer

15 — 4080 Studio — Design Agency, Design Subscription

16 — Den Talalá — UX & Product Designer

17 — Oleg Coada — Brand Designer

18 — Vijay Verma — UX & Product Designer, Creative Designer

19 — Faith Kenny — UX & Product Designer

20 — Nessen Company — Design Agency

21 — Ravina Malik — Creative Designer

22 — Andrew Diete Koki — UX & Product Designer

23 — Fabián Creativo — Creative Developer, UX & Product Designer

24 — Matoo Studio — Creative Designer

25 — Raul Ramos Pinto — Creative Designer

26 — Nadeem Mohammed — UX & Product Designer

A new portfolio theme

If you’re using Ghost CMS, Kyoto is a great theme to showcase your portfolio and writings.

It’s a minimal yet over-engineered Ghost theme with 10+ custom page templates to express yourself.

Get a 30% discount for Pafolios subscribers with the code PAFOLIOS30the

Portfolio advice: Shorten your case study

Image by Mitchell Clements

Are you a UI/UX designer spending endless hours crafting your case studies, only to wonder if anyone reads them?

If you're a hiring manager, chances are you don't have time to delve into lengthy narratives. So how can you make your case studies impactful and concise?

Mitchell Clements offers invaluable advice: Treat your case study like a short story, not a novel. Here's how:

  1. Trim the Fat: Focus on the essentials and cut out unnecessary details.
  2. Utilize Technology: Consider using AI tools to condense sections without losing meaning.
  3. Visual Appeal: Opt for bullet points, short paragraphs, and captivating visuals.
  4. Break it Up: Headlines break up the text, making it easier to digest.

The goal? Convince the hiring manager to invite you for an interview to hear the full story.

Additionally, incorporate client or stakeholder testimonials to add credibility. Pair these with quantitative data for a compelling business case.

Remember, your portfolio is designed for the user— in this case, hiring managers and recruiters. Talk to them and emphasize to ensure your portfolio meets their needs effectively.

Read more: Mitchell Clements

That’s it for this month’s issue.

Have a good week ahead.

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